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Hemorrhoids are enlarged veins that occur inside and around the rectum. They can be uncomfortable, painful and are often accompanied by itching, burning, swelling and painless bleeding. Hemorrhoids often occur as a result of straining during bowel movements, increased pressure due to pregnancy, chronic constipation, strained lifting, low fiber diet, fighting the urge to “go” and lower spinal injury.

While many will experience relief by making some simple lifestyle changes like drinking more water, increasing fiber intake or adding moderate exercise (yoga, walking, swimming, etc.), there's also a topical salve that offers fast relief. Tibbex!

Tibbex is uniquely formulated to sooth, heal and strengthen tissues. Its organic Butterfat base is infused with botanical ingredients that work together to shrink and protect delicate tissues. Atomic Iodine is added to enhance its antiseptic properties.

Tibbex is versatile! It may also be used on skin sores caused by insect bites and stings, allergic reactions, burns, and other skin irritants.

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Hemorrhoid Remedy Taps Unexpected Source

By Todd Burgin

Since the mid-twentieth century, when its connection to numerous health problems became more widely acknowledged, tobacco has become virtually synonymous with poor health. However, tobacco also has a healing history. Native American tribes, in both North and South America, kept it in their medicine chests for use in treating a variety of ailments. According to cultural literature, the Mayans used tobacco for asthma, insect bites, bowel complaints, fever, skin diseases and urinary ailments. Native American tribes in New England would wash burns with a form of boiled tobacco. Numerous modern studies have indicated that the nicotine in tobacco has anti-inflammatory properties, though it is also powerfully addictive and can be dangerous when used in all but the smallest doses.

Tibbex, a topical hemorrhoid treatment, utilizes a small, controlled amount of all-natural tobacco to reduce the swelling in inflamed tissues. The tobacco is combined with atomic iodine, which acts as an antiseptic, and benzoin, which is often used on minor skin irritations to prevent irritation and infection.

"Our team at Baar Products is focused on providing high quality unique formulas," Bruce Baar, Doctor of Naturopathy (ND), said. "We researched the beneficial historical uses for tobacco and created Tibbex, a product that provides soothing relief to those suffering with hemorrhoids. We are focused on manufacturing products that maximize the body's full healing potential and are very excited to introduce Tibbex, a most unique and effective formula."

Todd Burgin is a freelance writer and editor